Welcome to the family

I don’t even know what day it is, Sunday I think. Anyway I wanted to write a quick blog (as always) to let the world know that our miracle rainbow baby arrives safely bum first via a planned section on Wed 2nd September, weighing 7lbs 6.5, not bad for 36+5 weeks. Lewis George Ruaridh Law, the middle names are James and my grandfathers 🥰

He was delivered by the most amazing, kind, compassionate, knowledgeable consultant I have ever met, I really feel I owe her the world, I can’t even find the words to thank her for every thing she has done for us in the last 9 months, scrap that 2 years. She has always gone above an beyond, nothing has ever been to much, and I always felt she was as invested as I was in this pregnancy. I am almost sad our journey has come to an end, but what a beautiful ending to the story there is.

I am no were near in the mind set to be able to write down and share how this last few weeks/days have been. It was and still in an emotional roller coaster. We are still in hospital nothing that wasn’t expected but doesn’t make it any easier. I keep doubting myself then remembering that every choice I make as a mum I do for the best of my children, I did it for Findley, I did it for a Robyn and now I do it for Lewis.

For now enjoy som squishy baby photos. Hopefully I shall get some more blogs done once I am back for and health with my beautiful boy in my arms and my angels in the start above liking over me.

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