So after being a bit concerned about my recovery from my miscarriage I had a scan on Monday which showered retained product of pregnancy, which I also had with Robyn, so although not surprised was disheartened to hear we needed surgery. As always my consultant was supportive and we got booked in for the next... Continue Reading →

Healing ❤️‍🩹

I hate this part, i hate the physical recovery from loss … it’s a constant reminder that i am no longer pregnant, and i don’t need it. It can kindly fuck off. Honestly i have done everything i can to try and avoid feeling this shit, including looking at selling my house (which i quit... Continue Reading →

Dajavu ⚠️trigger ⚠️

It felt a bit of a dajvu being back in rubislaw taking the medication, February 2019 was in my mind, but i just wanted it over with. James went home and i stayed overnight, its too much of a trigger going home for me, it brings back the memories of Findley that tome between death... Continue Reading →

Ruptured ectopic

I had all the intentions if keeping my blog up to date but unfortunately i have been o unwell it hasn’t happened, after the methotrexate I felt rubbish for a good week and during this time I struggled with my mental heath so just focused in me and my family. After feeling much better last... Continue Reading →

Trigger warning!! Ectopic pregnancy

So after last weeks missed miscarriage information I had started to settle in letting it all happen naturally as it was very early days and there was no baby just a sac. So i had started bleeding on the Saturday and thought, thank god the end is in site, if am honest after everything we... Continue Reading →

Where has two years gone?

25th Feb 2021 I can’t believe its been two years since i woke up with a horrible gut feeling for my 16 weeks scan with Robyn. James was away and Rach was coming with me to my scan because, i knew she was the only person that i wanted with me for if it was... Continue Reading →

Mummy Guilt

So I have experinced lots of mummy guilt since Lewis was born, my breast feeding journey was a disaster, I bumped his head on the rafters in my bedroom, and I got soap in his eye when washing his hair, just to nail a few. This was a new feeling I thought , but actually... Continue Reading →

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