Ruptured ectopic

I had all the intentions if keeping my blog up to date but unfortunately i have been o unwell it hasn’t happened, after the methotrexate I felt rubbish for a good week and during this time I struggled with my mental heath so just focused in me and my family. After feeling much better last... Continue Reading →

Trigger warning!! Ectopic pregnancy

So after last weeks missed miscarriage information I had started to settle in letting it all happen naturally as it was very early days and there was no baby just a sac. So i had started bleeding on the Saturday and thought, thank god the end is in site, if am honest after everything we... Continue Reading →

Where has two years gone?

25th Feb 2021 I can’t believe its been two years since i woke up with a horrible gut feeling for my 16 weeks scan with Robyn. James was away and Rach was coming with me to my scan because, i knew she was the only person that i wanted with me for if it was... Continue Reading →

Mummy Guilt

So I have experinced lots of mummy guilt since Lewis was born, my breast feeding journey was a disaster, I bumped his head on the rafters in my bedroom, and I got soap in his eye when washing his hair, just to nail a few. This was a new feeling I thought , but actually... Continue Reading →

Is he your first ..

I found myself back in hospital recently, I developed a wounds from a reaction to a dressing for my section. Literally nothing is simple when it comes to me.. and I promise I am not being overly dramatic here 🤣. .. I have not healed correctly from the trauma of my section and it’s not... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the family

I don’t even know what day it is, Sunday I think. Anyway I wanted to write a quick blog (as always) to let the world know that our miracle rainbow baby arrives safely bum first via a planned section on Wed 2nd September, weighing 7lbs 6.5, not bad for 36+5 weeks. Lewis George Ruaridh Law,... Continue Reading →

Pregnancy blogging

I thought I would blog more during this pregnancy but I just have found that it’s not been at the forefront of my mind. I have used social media more to share our journey. I worry people think it’s for attention, when all I really want to do is help remove the taboo of child... Continue Reading →

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