Blood thinners

So lots of people are asking me what my plan is duding my pregnancy that’s different from before . I have been on aspirin since I was 12 week pregnant with Robyn, and next stopped the dose doubled when I hit 7 weeks with this pregnancy to 150mg daily.

I am also started injecting blood thinners Daily as soon as I got a positive pregnancy test. I was on heparin, however I had a horrible allergic reaction to if.

This only happen after i had been on deltaparin for over a mouth. It was agony I had to sit with ice packs on me and of course you can’t take any antihistamines when pregnant so I just had to ride it out. I tried 3 different brands of heparin solutions but I reacted to all of them, so I ended up on a synthetic version. Which isn’t licences in pregnancy but my consultant feels the benefits our weigh the risk.

Injecting myself is getting harder now, my skin is getting tougher and I am scared of injecting into my tummy, even though I have a good layer of fat there. I am also terrified of reacting to this current blood thinners, now and then I get a itchy bruise but it seems to stay very localised and not spread. I will remain on these medication form duration of my pregnancy. I have tired to get James to help but he has a needle fobia so won’t even watch me inject myself..

Other than that there isn’t much they can do, I keep praying its enough, the biggest thing is not knowing what’s wrong and why my babies died. On paper they are totally unrelated. I keep reminding myself that spooky wifey told me it would next happens again. I also complete trust my consultant which is really important.

Pregnancy after loss is really difficult, it’s not only the constant worry, it’s also then triggers and memories. I absolutely love feeling this baby kicking and punching around, but it’s hard to trust that everything will be okay. Also every single person deals with pregnancy after loss differently, however I think we all have the same crazy thoughts.

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