Happy 1st Bithday Robyn

26th Febuary 2020

I can not beleive it’s been a year since I last held Robyn, 365days, she was so tiny, and it feels like only yesterday, I can’t believe we survived it.

I feel a little bad to say that I have found today easier than Findley birthday, I cant tell you why but it’s not as painful. We have gone away and its nice to be just our little family, no stress, no hassle just us. We had a nice meal and toasted to our little girls 1st birthday. Another angel taken to soon, hopfully partying with hee big brother and all the other angels.

When we stopped for our walk this morning, two beautiful Robin’s landed next to the car, thede breast as red as a ruby, they just sat there for a moment before they flew off, I took it as a sign of hello from my babies, reminding me they are always near us, there really isnt a day when I dont think or them.

It’s a shame that so little people have remember her birthday, it makes me a little sad to think she made that little an impact on people. However that something I have to learn to deal with, at the end of the day she was our baby no one else.

I do hate that people seem to think our of sight out of mind, my lack of tome on social media is fab for my mental health but I think result in people forgetting me. Maybe I should post something attention seeking on Facebook see how many people remember I am still alive. I have definitly realised who my friends truly are, and who never really were. It’s sad but cleansing in a weird way. Life is far to short to waste in people who really dint care.

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