A year ago

15th July 2019

I cant beleive it’s a year ago since I last felt you move, a year ago since I heard those words. Am sorry their is no heart beat. Its is so hard to accept that it’s been a year. What a year it has been.

I was lying last night thinking a year ago I was ttaking videos of you and sending them to your auntie zandra as you danced and rolled in mummy’s tummy.

A year ago this nightmare started! Its seems like yesterday but it also seems like a life time ago. It doesnt seem real still, maybe a bad nightmare that we are still go wake up from, but I think when you sister died it made it obvious that it was a nightmare we would never wake from it was one we had to live in.

I still live in hope that one day we will be blessed with a living child that can enjoy all we had for you. I think we will be good parents , I think that hope keeps us going.

I love you to the moon and back my beautiful little boy! I know these next few days will be hard but I know you will help me surive them. With your daddy by my side we are stronger than anyone will ever know


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