Could this be the end of the year from hell?

Wednesday 8th May

Well we are currently in Heathrow away to take off on our third and final flight of the last 24 hours.

I haven’t really blogged much when I have been away, I have written lots and I have deleted many I just couldn’t really be bothered. I just enjoyed some down time.

So today I got some amazing news, they have found me a temporary post to go into for 3 months, in my actually dream job. I interviewed for the department a few weeks ago, got some amazing feedback, and was hoping that I would be able to apply again after some experience.

I feel like someone has just cute an anchor off me. I actually cried in Heathrow because I was so happy to hear the news. I said to James I can’t remember the last time I cried with happiness, probably Robyn’s 12 weeks scan.

So wow, I don’t ever have to go back to the nightmare I was living, it over, it’s done! I feel like this is our luck changing after a year of pure hell, although falling pregnant again get amazing, and I was happy, the 4 months did worry me, and the second loss was crippling!

I must admit to having to thank my beautiful children for giving me confidence to stand up for me, and respect my worth!

It’s almost 12 months to the day that I went of work sick from work, people might think how nice, but the last 12 months have changed my life. Has it ruined my life? Absolutely not, has it changed me life for ever? Absolutely, I am a stronger, more determined person than I ever have been. I put myself first, I am not scared of being selfish, and I don’t give a dam about what others may think of me for that.

So let’s how that those 12 months of torture are over, and here is to a brighter, happier future!! I know nothing worth having comes easy, and am not scared of a challenge, but god dam it, please no more heart break!

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