Day62 – Have Confidence

Friday 14th September

The angel card I keep pulling today, every question I ask the angels it return “Have Confidence” .

I have never been a particularly confident person. I am good at pretending to be confident but never been truly out their confident.

I have never been confident that all I have I never deserved, that happiness that I have in my life. I have so much more than others, wonderful husband, happy marriage, supportive Mum, and family. Good solid friends who put up will all my rubbish.

I have the type of friend who I can not speak to for weeks/month but it doesn’t matter. We just pick up from where we left off. I am very luck.

I think I take confidence from the people around me. I ask the angels around about my future to day. Have confidence and and there is nothing to worry about seems to be two common cards I pull. It’s impossible to keep pulling the same card without fate being involved. There are 44 cards in the deck. I have a 1/44 chance of pulling the card. Let along it falling out of the pack at me too.

I guess it’s time in this journey to try and have some Confidence that life isn’t going to be one big ball of heart break, and try not to worry, accept that all my dreams will come true.

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